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3D sci-fi survival game

Explore a unique, vast and beautiful science-fiction survival game, procedurally generated and studded with an AI storyteller. Build, explore, survive from planet to planet in the new fancy sci-fi universe of Proven Lands. ;)

Release? 2015 for Windows (TBA).

Current state? In development. New voxel engine is coming.



  • "Fortunately, there's Proven Lands, a roguelike sandbox that hopes to scratch that '70s sci-fi itch." -- PC Gamer
  • "The catchiest way to describe it would be “sci-fi Don’t Starve,” but that’s far, far, far too simplistic." -- Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "But the best part is obviously the catstronaut companions. Oh god I need one." -- Kotaku
  • "Still here? Good, because Proven Lands looks freakin' awesome." -- PCGamesN
  • "If you like exploring, farming, crafting, occasionally battling, and managing oxygen supplies, Proven Lands is worth a once over." -- PocketGamer

Screenshots (Spring 2014)


Screenshots and videos


Rafael - Co-founder, Creative Director and Engineer

Moritz - Co-founder and Business

Jeffrey - 2D Artist

Special thanks to Wrench, Tom, Andy and dek

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